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My answer is that first, we need to make a paradigm shift which is to come to perceive, understand and interpret the world in our own unique way.

On February 16, 2008, in a personal breakdown moment, I shifted my paradigm from despair to trust. The same year, I started to shift my professional paradigm from the employee to the business owner way of thinking by working on my habits because this was the only way to deal with the pressure of the 7 professional shifts in 10 years to live the life I really wanted to live. 

It was a transformational process where I had to connect what I feel with what I think. I discovered that what we feel deep inside represents the territory of our life but our thoughts are drawing the map we follow and our thoughts can be influenced by other peoples thinking. By creating physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and professional authentic habits we can sustainably change our thinking based on what we really feel. 

My life experience and the life coaching accreditation set me to start AMD Coaching, a company that's in a mission to help, motivate and give anyone a chance to make a personal & professional SHIFT.

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With love & respect 

The SHIFT Maker, Mirel

(AMD Coaching founder)

It all started in 2008, 16th of February when the founder of AMD Coaching Mirel Duta took the decision to trust that anything is possible and if he's doing his best every day God will support him to succeed. From that moment he always did what he felt in terms of his personal life.

On the other hand, later that year he faced another decision, this time a professional one and instead of trusting that what he felt was the right thing to do he chose what he thought is the best thing to do and because he didn't trust his inner voice he took a wrong career path that forced him to do many painful professional SHIFTS including leaving his police job and country in 2014. 

He noticed that every time when he made a professional change he needed to go through a process to get in a position where he was able to not feel overwhelmed by the external pressure. It was an inside out approach where he improved himself: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually and professionally. 


In 2018, his son was born and he felt that it's time to make another personal & professional shift. That year in November he decided to follow this process for the next 6 months this time consciously and with an end goal in mind: to be the father he wanted to be and to make the transition from an employee to a business owner.


Guess what? It worked! 

AMD Coaching is thus the result of this transformational journey. Many years of frustration changed into the foundation of a business and now Mirel and other associate life coaches are helping, motivating and giving others the chance to make personal & professional shifts. ​

Trust & Shift