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Do you want to improve the physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and professional areas of your life?

It’s time to take control and SHIFT to a better version of yourself.


Let us offer you some answers...

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What The SHIFT Makers say

I gained self-awareness, confidence and motivation to keep moving towards my dreams, and that has been invaluable.

Lydia Garcia Martin 

Therapist, Spain

 I’ve been able to break patterns that aren’t supporting me and develop strategies to help me further going forward.

Richard Veloch

Entrepreneur, Switzerland 

I had my self awareness raised in several areas that were holding me back and where appropriate, Mirel challenged me, allowing me to see things from a new perspective.

Joy Mary Barbara

Special Education Specialist, Lebanon

I became aware of some of my unmet needs, learned to accommodate them better and set friendlier goals.


Cristina Radulea

Self-Employed, UK

My main focus has now changed from planning and never having enough action to get the momentum required, to now, being able to take massive action and see results.  

Daniel Boboaca

Self-Employed, Romania